A timeless bond between a monument and its people

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Our Duomo […] is the home of Milan, it is entirely made
of marble, it is grand, it is beautiful, it is the only one this
grand, this beautiful in the whole entire world.

Emilio De Marchi

The Duomo is Milan's spiritual and moral beating heart. It is impossible to imagine Milan without its Cathedral, just as it is impossible to imagine the Duomo without its city.

The Duomo represents a point of equilibrium for Milan because it reflects the industriousness of the Milanese people and their readiness to take on challenges at any time.

The Duomo is the most visited monument of the city. Tourists, pilgrims and visitors come every day to Milan to admire one of the most fascinating Gothic Cathedrals in the world. This deeply rooted legacy is part of the identity of Milan's past, present and future, and the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano has the task of looking after it, a task which is important today more than ever.

The Cathedral of Milan is a place of worship but also a major component of the city's artistic and cultural heritage, steadily attracting an impressive flow of tourists, pilgrims and visitors who come to this regional capital of Lombardy to admire it as one of the most fascinating instances of Gothic architecture in the world.

Over the centuries chemical, physical, and biological agents have damaged the Duomo's marble. Continuous restoration interventions are therefore necessary not only to preserve the spires but the monument as a whole. There are currently over 20 open restoration sites for the Duomo, from the restoration of the Aquilonare Sacristy, to the altars of the southern nave, and the cleaning of the stained-glass windows, up to the imposing construction site of the Lantern.