VISCONTI CIRCLE        Starting at $5.000

Gian Galeazzo Visconti, first Duke of Milano, was a visionary lover of the city and of its Duomo. In 1387, he was the first to conceive of a new innovative model in order to take care of the construction of the Cathedral and to raise the funds needed to sustain the Duomo. He created the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, a secular institution that was independent from the Curch and financed by private citizens.


SFORZA CIRCLE        Starting at $10.000

In 1437 Galeazzo Maria Sforza  recognized the importance of the Duomo and decided to give to the Fabbriceria del Duomo the exclusive right to use the quarries of Candoglia , which were his property, restricting the use of the marble to the sole construction of the Cathedral and prohibiting its trade. This is a unique aspect since the Duomo is the only monument in the world to have its own marble quarry, ultimately solving the predicament of the supply of its construction material.


BORROMEO CIRCLE        Starting at $25.000

Carlo Borromeo, Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan, belonged to one of the most influential Milanese families, is among the most emblematic characters in the history of the Duomo. A firm believer in the idea that the beauty of artworks could spread the message of the church, he was responsible for the changes made to the internal architecture of the Cathedral.


LEONARDO CIRCLE        Starting at $50.000 

Milan is the city where Leonardo da Vinci left the most recognizable mark. Thanks to his genius and to his unequaled work, he designed a web of canals to transport the marble from Candoglia directly to the Cathedral construction site. These are referred to as the "Navigli", the Milanese canal system which still exist to this day.


CARELLI CIRCLE        Starting at $150.000

Marco Carelli is the first and most emblematic benefactor of the Duomo di Milano. He was a rich merchant and personified the industrious, active and rich Milanese community. In his will he bequeathed  his entire inheritance to the Duomo. Part of his legacy was used to start construction of the first Spire of the Duomo. It was completed in 1404 and from then on has been known as the "Carelli Spire". Similar to the one created for Marco Carelli, after joining this circle you too will have a Spire in your name.


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