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Duomo Patrons

Support the Duomo of Milan

Who we are

International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc. is a public charity with head offices in New York City, established in 2014 exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Our mission

The mission of International Patrons of Duomo di Milano is to raise international public awareness towards the necessities of the Duomo, symbol of Milan throughout the world by collecting donations to support the conservation, restoration and valorization of the Cathedral.

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  • Eataly adopts a spire of the Duomo di Milano

    We are pleased to announce the event of the unveiling of Eataly's plaque on the occasion of the adoption of the Spire of St. Agricola, a further and important step forward in the field of fundraising dedicated to International Patrons of Duomo di Milano.

    The event will be held on Friday, June 17th, 12.30 p.m., at the Store Eataly Smeraldo, and it will be a moment to celebrate Eataly and all of our supporters who, with their great generosity, continue to help us to preserve our beloved Duomo di Milano. Furthermore, it will be a wonderful opportunityto listen to Professor Philippe Daverio, member of our Advisory Board, who will narrate the story of the Duomo and the journey of our Charity at the presence of Oscar Farinetti, President of Eataly.

    Another important achievement that supports Duomo endless tale (1386 – 2016): 630 years of never-ending story.

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Donate to International Patrons of Duomo di Milano

Make now your donation to support the ongoing restorations of the Duomo di Milano and discover all the secret and the beauty of this monument.

Make your donation now through PayPal or credit card                    

  • Unveiling of the Plaque dedicated to International Patrons of Duomo di Milano

    June 23, Milan. Today International Patrons of Duomo di Milano is particularly delighted to celebrate the success of "Save the Saint", the crowd funding campaign dedicated to the restoration of the Mother Cabrini Spire. Launched in October, the campaign came to a conclusion on May first 2015. Thanks to the support of the National Italian American Foundation, NIAF and to all those who took part in the online campaign, not only did we succeed in raising the necessary funds, we exceeded our $150,000.00 goal.

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There were streetcar tracks and beyond them was the cathedral. It was white and wet in the mist [...] when we came close to the front of the Cathedral it was very big; [...] It was fine in the mist.

Ernest Hemingway - A farewell to Arms, New York, 1929
  • Our Duomo […] is the home of Milan, it is entirely made of marble, it is grand, it is beautiful, it is the only one this grand, this beautiful in the whole entire world.

    Emilio De Marchi
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