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The International Patrons of Duomo di Milano is an independent, US registered 501(c)(3) public charity formed to promote awareness of the importance of Milan Duomo and its financial needs. We raise support in the United States for projects for the Duomo’s restoration, maintenance and enjoyment maintaining close communication with the Veneranda Fabbrica—the historical governing board appointed to manage the construction and enhancement of the Milan’s Cathedral in its whole.

Our mission

Amongst the ways the International Patrons of Duomo supports the work of the Veneranda, the independent IPD Board approves grants for some of the Duomo’s many restoration projects, and informs the American and international public of the need for safeguarding, conserving, and enhancing the condition and public services of the Milanese cathedral and the surrounding complex.


The International Patrons aim to:

Participate in the financing of conservation and restoration projects.


Promote the collaboration between the Milano Duomo and American institutions through the development of local events and exhibitions .

Support projects and initiatives that can encourage and foster access to the beauty and knowledge of the Duomo.

Board of Directors

The independent Board of Directors and the Advisory Board are made up of people who share their love for the Duomo and the effort to meet the objectives set by the International Patrons of Duomo di Milano for the conservation and appreciation of the Cathedral.

Ivan Sacks


Simone Crolla

Vice President

James Gerard


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