The Duomo

More than 600 years of history

Milan Duomo is a system where severalactivities coexist – the welcoming of faithful and tourists, the work sites, the Museum, the Archive-Library. Theyall contribute to one great endeavor of conserving and passing on to future generations this important cultural and religious heritage.

A monumental wonder

With its awe-inspiring Gothic architecture, the intricately decorated marble surfaces, high stained-glass windows and a vast collection of statues, the Duomo is unique in the panorama of religious monuments in Italy.

The restorations

The Duomo restorations will allow the Veneranda Fabbrica to intervene on the architectural elements and the art treasures kept inside the Cathedral. In turn, these will be able to be returned to their original beauty and be useable once again. An important objective is also offering new ideas for the study and enhancement of the Duomo’s historical-artistic heritage and to ensure prayer and visiting by worshippers and tourists in complete safety.

Milan Duomo needs you

Becoming a patron allows you to directly help preserve this radiant masterpiece, enabling future generations to be illuminated by the everlasting grandeur of Duomo’s cultural heritage. Contact us for more details on the Duomo’s initiatives or simplymake a donation.